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Why is the business headset?

Why is the business headset?

There are many obvious reasons for using a business headset instead of a phone handset. The more you use the phone, the more you will feel the advantages of business headset.

hands-free calling and multi task works
In business calls, people don’t just make calls. Whether in the office or while driving, the handset is positioned at an angle between the shoulder and the head, and for important matters, people go through notes or other documents, search for files, and often search for data on their PC. Considering this, it is always advantageous to use a headset. This is because both hands are free when using the headset.

Long, stress-free calls
It is inconvenient to put the handset between your head and shoulder and talk on the phone at an angle. It might be a problem on neck, shoulder and neck muscle tension for people who use the phone for long periods of time. The headset instantly relieves pains from simple neck tensions to chronic improper posture

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Free movement during calls
Headsets allow more freedom of movement during phone calls. Documents can be easily pulled out of drawers, and other documents can also be extended and checked without putting down the handset.

Top quality crisp and clear sound
The sound quality of the business headset should be very crisp and clear. In a noisy environment, the double-ear type delivers sound to both ears, and the noise canceling microphone removes most of the background or ambient noises. And it prevents the dispersion of the sound to keep the sound crisp and clear.

Increased productivity
The advantages of headsets increase work efficiency. Using a headset, minor mistakes for customers, better focus, improved customer service, and headset users can save time and money and increase productivity. It provides more than 50% efficiency of your works than to use a handset

What’s the good business headset for purchase?

*Sound Quality
It is the most important factor to purchase the business headset. If headset users have trouble hearing their customers, they may have to ask repeatedly, increase the average talk time, and hear complaints from customers. Saving seconds means saving money in business.

If the call quality is poor, miscommunication can lead to transportation and inventory costs and consumer dissatisfaction. As a result, the bad call quality of headsets can directly affect these voice recognition errors.

There are several ways to check the sound quality of a headset.

1.Frequency Response
In the case of the other party’s voice delivery standard, a good headset can use about 96% or more of the bandwidth. Make sure the speaker of the selected headset has a wide bandwidth. In other words, check with the other party whether it is a speaker with a wide range of voice bands and whether natural sound and clear calls are possible with the microphone function.

2. Static electricity
Wearing the headset over the head, static electricity can be occurred by continuous movement or microphone boom touch. This is the cause of the noise on the telephone line. Therefore, it should check an antistatic device.

Any noises of static electricity from contact problems on the able when connecting or disconnecting the middle QD connection jack should also be also checked.

3.Back ground or ambient noise cancellation of Microphone

A headset should be checked how well the agent and the other party can communicate in a noisy environment. A microphone for noise canceling is essential, especially in very noisy environments. This noise-cancelling microphone cancels out ambient noise and accurately transmits only the voice of the agent.

If the agent is using a headset that cancels out distracting ambient noise, the other party will only hear the agent’s voice (about 95% of the ambient noise can be removed).

** Acoustic shock protection
A business headset should have an Acoustic Shock Protection (ASP) device. It protects the headset’s user’s hearing from exposure to loud, sustained, and piercing tones from phones.
This protection circuit was desgined to prevent the speakers producing sound pressure levels(SPL) in excess of 118dBsp(24dBpa) under all electrical drive conditions.

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*** Endurability and Comfort
As most of them are made by small, light-weight and more functional, it could be easily be broken when lots of rotations or rough handling. Even if so, a good business headset should be endurable about 2~ 3 years under warranty. It could be built up from the design stage considering ergonomic design- wearing comfort and endurability.