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Who mainly uses phone headsets in what fields?

Hands-free capability is a key advantage when using a phone headset. Today, headsets are considered standard equipment in the office, along with telephone systems, and the use of headsets becomes more and more necessary in places where business phones are used a lot. The business scopes that mainly use phone headsets are as follows.
*Call center agent
*Customer service/Help desk
*Worker from home
*Travel agency
* Reservation center
*Sales Team
*Banking services
*Hospital Emergency service
*PC softphone users such as Ms Teams
* Anyone who have a phone call for long time.

What kinds of headsets and how to choose the best phone headset for your use?

You should decide what kinds of headset you want to use for your work.

* Speaker unit type
Monaural type – One ear speaker, supported and adjusted with a T-bar on the opposite head
A mono (one speaker) headset may be preferred in situations where the user needs to hear what is happening around them. Sound quality is always important, but even more so with mono headsets where only one speaker provides sound to the user.

IPH250U10P 1000 - Who mainly uses phone headsets in what fields?

Binaural type – A double-ear speaker with a speaker on the opposite head to support and adjust it.
A binaural (two speaker) headset is required for intensive calls, especially in environments with very high ambient noise levels.

IPH255U10 1000 - Who mainly uses phone headsets in what fields?

* Wearing type
Overhead Type – The headband goes over the head.
Overhead type is mostly used for all day long users with comfort in office and call center.

Neckband Type – The headband goes over the back of the neck.

In-ear type(=Ear bud) – the speaker goes into the ear and bud are placed on the outer part of the ear canal.

Ear Hook type – Earrings are included and the speaker is inserted into the ear.

* Microphone boom type
Fixed microphone boom

Flexible microphone boom
This flexible microphone boom is mostly used for Noise cancelling microphone to be near the mouth closely for better clear transmission.

Voice tube type microphone boom
It’s normally used for Omni directional microphone as it’s good shape.

*Microphone unit type

Omni Directional microphone
image3 - Who mainly uses phone headsets in what fields?

Equally sensitive to sound in all directions

Noise canceling microphone(Bi-directional)
image4 - Who mainly uses phone headsets in what fields?

There is no difference between front and back. side is very weak
Noise canceling microphone is mostly used for office and call center users.

Once your selection for preferred style and manufacturer is complete, check for compatibility before you decide to purchase. It’s the final step connecting your headset to your phone.

There are two ways for you to connect your headset into desk phones.

1.Only Headset directly connecting to the desk phone
As most IP phones have internal amplifier, they plug directly into the headset port of the phone bottom or side. If there is no headset port, plug into the handset port.

2.Headset+amplifier for desk phone use.
As some analog or digital phones have NO internal amplifier, the microphone does not be worked or sensitivity might be very low. To use a headset, it should need an additional amplifier to select electric or carbon microphones to enhance the microphone sensitivity.