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Warranty Information of IDP Products

IP provide IPD Headset products as gurantee defined below.
In the event of a need for replacement parts, either within or outside the guarantee period, prompt service is available.
The following guidelines will ensure early supply of your requirements.



IPD guarantees, that IPD ‘s headset products shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 2 years, from the date of purchase from IPD. During 2 years, IPD will provide replacement parts without charge for any part found to be defective under normal installation,use and service. All faulty parts must be returned to IPD for credit on new parts. The guarantee, however, does not cover:

Items subject to wear and tear with normal usage. earplates,headbands,microphone boom, ear cushion and covers,cords,plugs and packaging material:

Products which have been subject to; misuse, or use in a non-approved manner, or modification without the written consent of IPD, or parallel importation;

Damage, which directly or indirectly has been caused by the use of unauthorised replacement parts and/or service performed by unauthorised personnel;

Damage resulting from accidents, abuse, incorrect use, incorrect installation, or unauthorised modification; consequential or resulting liability damage; injury or loss whichever way it may arise.



Orders for the required parts must be sent to the repair facility of IPD on e-mail info_ipd@ipdkr.com

Ordered parts will be invoiced under the trading terms of this agreement and a credit issued by IPD on receipt of the faulty part(s).

The faulty parts must be received (with documentation stating the serial number of the item from which they were removed) by IPD, intact carriage-paid before a credit
note will be issued. If not previously ordered, the replacement parts will be returned carriage-paid.



Terms and conditions under which products will be accepted for chargeable repair or replacement by IPD are set out below:

This service is only available on certain items. Details of these items and current charges are available from IPD .

The product for repair or replacement must be received, carriage-paid, adequately packed and accompanied by the correctly completed Repair Dispatch Note, in English, including Return Manufacturers Authority number (RMA). The repaired product will be returned adequately packed at the cost of the customer, and will be accompanied by a copy of the Repair Dispatch Note and a proforma invoice.

IPD reserves the right to evaluate whether the extent of damage makes it undesirable to repair the product. If this is the case the customer will be contacted in
order to approve a special repair or replacement price.

IPD reserves the right to charge a reasonable handling fee for returns, which have not been repaired or replaced due to the conditions explained.

Any repair or replacement carried out by IPD shall be guaranteed for ninety (90) days, or the remainder of the original guarantee period, whichever is longer, this period to commence on the date the repair is completed.

For Repair/Return Dispatch Notes please contact IPD as below;
e-mail: info_ipd@ipdkr.com, phone No. +82 31 4217 5775 or fax No.: +82 31 8086 8155