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Selection of business USB Headset

What types of computer headsets are there?

There were 3 kinds of plug-in options for computer or laptops to use headsets.

1. Universal Serial Bus or commonly USB-A type standard on every computer peripherals from keybords and mouse to charging cables and headsets.

u 1 - Selection of business USB Headset

2. USB-C type as the latest connector.
The newest connection is USB-C, especially for low-profile or slim laptop computers.

usb c2 - Selection of business USB Headset

3. one or 2 x 3.5mm jack
The longest-used connector is the sound board/headset jack.
In case of 2 x 3.5mm jack, one jack is for the microphone and the other jack is for the speaker. A single-jack cable provides speaker audio and an microphone. When a headset is plugged into the headset jack, sound usually comes from the speakers. It is completely hardware based and simple to plug in.

u 2 - Selection of business USB Headset
What’s the USB headset?

A USB headset is a combination of a microphone and speaker that connect to a computer or other device through a USB connector. Typical applications are online gaming or phone and video calls over computers or laptops.

What kinds of wired USB headset do it be?

There are three kinds of basic version on USB headsets.
With two earpieces and a microphone on the headset body, the headset provides stereo and high audio quality. It also protects the interference from ambient noise. Two ear pieces are connected to the headband or neckband.

165 USB 1 - Selection of business USB Headset

A monaural USB headset with a microphone and earpiece on the headset body allows users to be aware of ambient noise and is lighter and a little easier to wear. Playback is limited to mono sound.


A stereo USB headset with in-ear headphones is also available. These devices are very light and unobtrusive. The sound quality is good and the microphone is equipped on the line cable.

IPD business USB headset

As a manufacturer of headset products, IPD is supplying business USB headset ranges that enables stable wired calls for softphones through PC and laptop. They ae used for various purposes such as business conference, voice call, webinar and voice chat on the PC.

One of the main concerns when purchasing business headset is how it would work with the existing communications equipment already in use. This is very important when buying in bulk in call center or sales team where USB headsets need to work.

Compatible USB headset
We offer USB compatible solution that work on specific software devices such as Microsoft Teams, Avaya one-x or Cisco Jabber and other soft phones.


Plug and play
When you plug the headset USB connector to the PC, you can start working right away without having to install any software.