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Check Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) when you choose the best suitable headsets for your IP phone systems and devices. But, if it’s not sure, send me the questions and we will help you to find the right headsets.

There are many kinds of wired headsets with bottom cables, RJ9 plug with different wirings, 2.5mm jack,3.5mm jack,3,5mm jack with 4 poles, USB adapter and other bottom cables with Quick disconnect(QD). All of our headsets with QD adapters should need a bottom cable to connect telephone system or PC to be worked well with IP phone system or PC. Be sure to check the compatibility tools before your purchase.

We guarantee all of IPD products for 2 years warranty after purchase date. There is a production barcode of headset to be traceable on the headset top cable. If they have a problem when you are using, please contact us.

What’s the benefit for using a phone headset?

The key benefit is hands free when you do typing keyboard or monitoring PC and make a call enabling you to do multi task works at the same time. So, it will enhance your productivity and business.  Instead of handset, using a phone headset can lead to discomfort in the neck as well as it can lead up to headaches.

Why do we check the compatibility before we purchase headset?

As there are many kinds of phone systems, unfortunately, phone manufacturers did not apply same common configurations to connect all the phone headsets unlike general headphones. If they are not compatible, they are NOT be worked like 1).You are not able to hear, 2). The other party cannot hear, 3). Microphone sound is very low. 4) noises and other problems.  We provide our headset with QD adapter and several kinds of bottom cables to be meet the compatibility for most phones as well as PC. 

Do I need any additional amplifier other than headsets?

Most of office phones are supplied with a designated headset socket or are headset programmable. So, all you need is only the headset with bottom cable. However, some of office phone systems are still needing an additional amplifier to increase the sound volume to be connected into handset jack which allows both headset and handset. 

Do my headset have Acoustic shock protection(ASP)?

Yes, all of our IPD headsets have an acoustic shock protection circuit to meet EU DTI specification 85/013. This ASP circuit limit any type of noises above 118dB is not transmitted through headset.

Do my headset have noise cancelling microphone?

Yes, all of IPD headsets are fitted with optimal noise-cancelling microphone unit on the microphone capsule. So, it reduces a lot of background noise being transmitted down the phone line during calls are made from a noisy, busy environment. It makes your call sounds to hear the other party clear.   

This not only makes your calls sound more professional but can also cut down on the need to repeat yourself due to your caller not hearing you clearly.

What’s is the training Y cable and is used for?

Training Y splitter cables has a 3 QD adapters. One QD adater is connected for the deskphone and two QD adapter for two headsets; Trainer and Trainee. Mute Switch allows the trainer to monitor and educate the trainer when receiving real agent calls

What are for monaural and binaural headsets?

Monaural headset has one earpiece and Binaural two earpiece. Monaural headset are most popular in everywhere but binaural headset are mostly used on more concentrated talking or works in noisy environments.